Since 2007, Joni Avram has helped organizations achieve bottom line growth and sector-wide impact. In addition to significant revenue growth (some have doubled in size), her clients have grown their influence with employees, the media, the public, and policy makers. Connecting brand, reputation, culture, and public engagement, Joni excels at building mission minded brands that outperform.

Through the years, she’s studied people, and what makes them tick—and discovered how to spread ideas, and make them stick. A gifted listener, the most common feedback Joni gets from clients is: “You understand us better than we understand ourselves.” And, “Wow. You nailed it.”

Clients who go through her process gain something invaluable: they understand their audiences and can speak to them in ways that are meaningful and authentic. Clients gain something intangible but powerful: a level of confidence and conviction that makes people want to follow their lead.


Growing up in rural Saskatchewan as part of an entrepreneurial family, Joni saw business and community leaders work together to boost her small town. Her parents were the original ‘shop local’ advocates, and she realized early on what people and organizations can do to build communities when they work toward mutual goals.

After a varied career in politics, public affairs, and public relations, in 2007, Joni established Cause & Effect Marketing, with a vision for supporting clients who are willing to think big, and realize their potential for changing the world. Since then, she’s worked with dozens of family foundations, corporate philanthropists, not-for-profit leaders, politicians, and business leaders who are becoming more effective forces for good.

Joni is a life long learner. Her first degree was in English, which honed her story-telling skills. She earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D), which taught her how to simplify complex issues, and build a case for support. Having successfully applied social science theories into her work as a social marketer, she is currently earning an MSc. in Behavioural Science & Psychology at the London School of Economics.

Artist: Janet Milne (from Joni’s own modest personal art collection).

Artist: Janet Milne (from Joni’s own modest personal art collection).

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash


Cause & Effect Marketing works with partner agencies across Canada, and is a member of Magnetic North – a national, boutique communication and public affairs agency led by a group of entrepreneurs who are drawn together by common values, a commitment to outstanding results, and a desire to disrupt agency services.

Magnetic North offers modular, multidisciplinary teams that can expand and contract as required – providing deep experience and strategic acumen, without delegation, and national reach and resources, without subcontracting.

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