Client Feedback

Joni is an outstanding and inspired integrative thinker who has pioneered a unique niche in impact marketing to deliver highly effective strategies to differentiate and advance brands. She also happens to be a pleasure to work with.

Gordon Forstner, Partner, Magnetic North

I have long believed that everyone should study three things: entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and marketing. Joni’s work fuses those three subjects brilliantly – and other marketers would do well to follow her lead.

W Brett Wilson, entrepreneur and philanthropist

In her work with our company, Joni helped create collaboration among competitors that was unheard of even five years ago. She knows how to turn ideas into gold. You would be very fortunate to work with her.

Hubert Lau, CEO, TrustBIX

Joni connected the dots for us in ways that went well beyond my expectations. I think big, and it’s rare that I meet someone who challenges me to think bigger. Joni does that. I have a lot of respect for her process.

Tracey Wood, CEO, Agents of Change

Without Joni’s help, we would still be trying to grow here and there. Instead, we’re double the size.

Corey Olynik, former Chair, The Alex

Joni is a master at turning obstacles into opportunities.

Glenn Gimbel, President, Gimbel Eye Centre

Joni showed me how to communicate in a way that I had not seen before, and that made sense across all my business projects. She knows how to take complex ideas and simplify them – that is a rare gift.

Karen Stewart, CEO, Fairway Divorce

Joni is helping us build a brand that is authentic to our company culture and will set us apart in the community. We’ve been amazed at the progress we’ve been able to achieve in a short time. Joni is a talented marketing expert who offers a much different approach. Her work is incredible.

Patricia Philips, CEO, PBA Land & Development