Rules of thumb let us make quick and reliable decisions.

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Author Robert Cialdini has said that the most malignant threat to our collective well-being comes from people who understand the principles of social psychology, and consciously use them against us. These ‘tricksters’ not only exploit our mental fallibilities, but cause us to question the reliability of our trusted rules of thumb (or mental shortcuts) that help us make quick, good decisions. 

As the morally corrupt actively misrepresent the signals that cue these mental shortcuts, we eventually lose trust in these cues, not knowing if they are real or phoney. In the process, we become more vulnerable to the tricksters, and less able to make good decisions overall. But as our world becomes more complex, these mental shortcuts are not luxuries, but necessities. Cialdini says that a forceful counterassault through confrontation, boycott, and retaliation is the only way to defend against the fraudsters. 

How are you retaliating against the tricksters?