A message that is noticeable and important to an audience is salient.

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I'm presenting to a management team of a public company soon. The goal is to help retain and attract investors, and enhance investor confidence, through communication. Here's part of what I'm going to say:

Social scientists estimate that an audience takes just over 30 seconds to judge speaker credibility. Credibility relates to believability and trustworthiness. If your audience doesn't believe or trust you, the message is lost. Likewise, if you are a credible presenter with a weak message, you've lost an opportunity for influence. 

Credibility comes from your knowledge of your topic, personal confidence, and the ability to connect on a human level. But the most important aspect of credibility is delivering a message that is salient (important, noticeable, and meaningful) to an audience. The more you understand your audience, and communicate in a way that matters to them, the more credible you will be.

How salient is your message?

Joni Avram